Directors of the NSW GBOTA have determined to place the administration and control of the Gunnedah Branch under Directorate management.

The Gunnedah Branch has, for a significant period of time, struggled to attract quorums for their monthly meetings. In addition, complaints regarding the administration and governance procedures of the Branch, as it operated prior to February 2018, are being assessed and reviewed.

NSW GBOTA Executive Officer, Brenton Scott, said that while the NSW GBOTA branch network was independent of the Association’s business and track operations, it was important that the branches operated successfully.

“The NSW GBOTA branches offer a great opportunity for participants to contribute to positive initiatives in their region and the NSW greyhound industry generally.

“This is best undertaken when governance procedures required of all branches are in place and managed,” said Scott.

The first meeting of the Gunnedah Branch – under Directorate administration – will be conducted on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Senior Director Bill Mangafas will oversee the branch meetings while the branch is under administration.

The Gunnedah Branch will return to member administration as soon as possible and hopefully within three months.

Area Director Geoff Rose supported the decisions of Directors and has chosen to step aside from his duties as Association Chairman as the review of past Branch administration and the future operation of the Branch is undertaken and determined.